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Scott & Carolyn Burd - Certified Rolfers in Boulder & Denver!

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3-pack Rolfing Sessions

$360.00 $390.00

Rolfing Structural Integration(SI) is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues, called fascia, that permeate the entire body.

Rolfing allows the body to let go of restrictions, non-useful patterns and correct imbalances, that are deep in the fascial tissue and central nervous system(CNS) of our bodies and are responsible for causing pain, discomfort and dysfunction in our bodies. Each session has a goal for obatining a better, well-balanced, pain free body!

The advantage of buying a 3-pack is the opportunity to get a better feel & understanding of how Rolfing works and the benefits you will obtain through the series. Committing to at least 3 sessions, is really the best way to feel and learn about the incredible "experience" of Rolfing, 

Each session is 75-90 minutes and are usually best schedule every 1-3 weeks apart for optimum results!

Plus, when you prepay for a 3-pack of Rolfing Sessions, you save!  

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